Paintball Sports Park Review in Puyallup WA

I have been to various paintball fields in the past but really want to review the Paintball Sports Park in Puyallup, WA. They have a variety of playing fields which challenges me. Here is an example below in the video.

They offer fields for all skill levels. They have a variety of cool themed courses and a world class tournament field. They have the Castle Field, Tournament Speedball and a Woodsball Field. They are very easy to find. They have the best customer service and really concentrate on safety as a priority. They have such a huge variety of games there. Also, not much waiting around to play. The games run every 10-15 minutes so you sure will get what you paid for. Plus you can just watch your friends play on there benches and bleachers when you want to take a break.

Me and my buddies decided to hit the paintball field for my bachelor party. My best friend decided on Paintball Sports Park. I had never been before so agreed because I was stoked to go to a new field with my best guys. We arrived in a Hummer Limo and with our camo and gear on our backs. It must have looked like a weird scene from an action movie.

My best man paid for the half day at the field and made sure we had the field all to ourselves. We had a blast!! The 10 of us started at the Castle field and I actually lasted until  4 of us were left.  I got blasted in the right shoulder while running from one cover to the next.  My best bud lasted until the end with an awesome game.

All the fields were clean and the bunkers are placed well. The staff knows paintball and are friendly. The location is very easy to find and the cost is super reasonable.  The games were fast paced and they were very interesting. The referees kept it fresh by changing up the pace or games and based it on the number of people playing.

You learn the layout of the fields you play on the most. What was also nice was they separated the complete newbies and the veterans (you know the ones who own their own gun). Those guys are hardcore about playing paintball and will not tolerate playing with new folks.

Paintball Sports Park’s equipment rental was good priced and the quality was fair.  The only time I had trouble was when my gun had a paintball explode in the barrel. That was real scary while hearing all the whiz, whirl and pops of all the other competitors while I hid to the best of my ability. That was after playing 20 games so not a real big deal, right?  Talk about the most frightening 3 minutes of my life!  If you want a have a great time playing paintball then I would highly recommend you to start there.  Show up. Suit up and get ready for some real adventure.

They are located at 6224 114th Ave Ct E, Puyallup, WA 98372 and their hours are Wed and FRI 4 to 9pm,  SAT and SUN 10am-6PM.

My First Paintball Post

I am exciting to share what I know about paintball!  The first and foremost important aspect of paintball is safety.  Be safe on the field and off.  Pulling the trigger can cause some serious injuries if you are not careful.

Now that is over let’s get on with the FUN!!!

Numero Uno: Be prepared with an anti-fog mask.  It will help save your vision.  Wearing glasses is a bonus but be sure to spray them with anti fog spray.  This one tip alone will help you see what you are shooting or who is trying to shoot you so invest in a good mask.

Also, be sure to never take off your mask while playing or on the field.  It only takes one shot to shoot your eye out.  Paintball is fast and furious.

Your gun must have a condom on the barrel to help prevent any unwarranted trigger fingers.   You are the one responsible for each paintball once it leaves your gun.