My First Paintball Post

I am exciting to share what I know about paintball!  The first and foremost important aspect of paintball is safety.  Be safe on the field and off.  Pulling the trigger can cause some serious injuries if you are not careful.

Now that is over let’s get on with the FUN!!!

Numero Uno: Be prepared with an anti-fog mask.  It will help save your vision.  Wearing glasses is a bonus but be sure to spray them with anti fog spray.  This one tip alone will help you see what you are shooting or who is trying to shoot you so invest in a good mask.

Also, be sure to never take off your mask while playing or on the field.  It only takes one shot to shoot your eye out.  Paintball is fast and furious.

Your gun must have a condom on the barrel to help prevent any unwarranted trigger fingers.   You are the one responsible for each paintball once it leaves your gun.