Best Paintball Gear

Paintball is a great recreational game. The concept of the game is to shoot enemies with color pellets. The colors mark the Paintball gear of the ‘enemy’, signaling that they have been shot. Paintball games need good quality gear in order to protect your skin, hair, clothes, and face from dye filled burstable oil pellets.

best paintball gear

The complete paintball gear is made of the paintball gun, mask, hopper and the suit. To get the best paintball gear, make sure you keep a few things in mind.

Gun or Marker

They come in all shapes and sizes. They are the central equipment of the game that do all the shooting. There is a wide range of guns or markers available in the market that range from beginners to professionals. You also have the option to rent or buy. Here are some of the popular options.

  • Planet Eclipse Etek 4 LT: recommended for people with advanced paintball skills. It has an electro pneumatic CO2 & HPA marker system.
  • Empire Axe: for people with intermediate and professional game skills. This weapon has Electro Pneumatic HPA marker system too.
  • Tippmann A-5: suited for intermediate level players. It has a mechanical CO2 & HPA marker system.
  • Dye Proto Rail: another popular option for people with mid-intermediate skills with electro pneumatic HPA marker system.
  • Spyder Opus: it is recommended for beginners and comes with an electro pneumatic CO2 & HPA marker system.


Choosing the right mask is always difficult. To enjoy the game comfortably one needs to wear a proper mask which is also comfortable and is a good fit. Many paintball locations also offer masks for hire, but they might not be comfortable and hence your entire experience will be compromised fixing the mask at regular intervals. To avoid such convenience, the best method is to bring a mask of your own, preferably of these manufacturers.

  • Tipmann Valor is best for beginners. It is cheap, yet sturdy and easy to use.
  • JT Flex 8 is recommended for playing at intermediate levels. It is stylish, sleek and offers good clarity.
  • JT Proflex is a good fit for players of intermediate to professional levels. This product has good customization with comfortable and flexible bottoms.
  • Sly Profit offers a comfortable mask with a perfect fit. They work well for mid-level players.


Loaders or hoppers, as they are popularly known, are available at different prices and quality. Hoppers are versatile and can be used with many guns. Here are some of the most common ones used by paintball players.

  • Empire Halo Too: Best suited for beginners, it has a capacity of 180 and of medium reliability.
  • Valken V-Max: Recommended for mid-level players, it has a capacity of 220 and offers a medium to high reliability.
  • Empire Prophecy Z2: Works well for intermediate-level players. It is accompanied with a capacity of 200 and is highly reliable.
  • Virtue Spire: This is a pro-level hopper, which has a capacity of 200 and is completely reliable as well.


Fit and comfort are two of the most important factors while picking out the paintball suit. They are available in a dizzying variety of styles and each player can pick the one that suits their personality the best.

  • Tipmann is usually cheap, check out the material before the purchase.
  • Airsoft suits are neither too expensive nor definitely not cheap. The suit itself is comfortable and long lasting.
  • ACU Propper Jacket offers a premium range of suits. They are absolutely comfortable and highly durable.